User confusion? Often ask the oil-free screw air compressor power, what is the relationship between pressure and displacement?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Believe consulting oil-free screw compressor
users have encountered the same situation: why consulting air compressor machine provides the use of air compressor power, stress, displacement, what is the relationship between the three? Why old? GeLinKeEr small make up in this paper, the solution for you!

oil-free screw compressor

when it comes to basic parameters, oil-free screw air compressor is completely inseparable from the air compressor power, stress, displacement, made up of this is the basic selection on the accuracy of the air compressor. Different power, pressure, displacement, the choice of oil-free machine is different, have greater than the use of small will cause certain trouble, unable to meet the demand of users. A simple example: a 37 kw without oil machine, working pressure of 7 kg, according to the calculation of compressor speed, displacement is 6. 3立方米/分钟。 But when the pressure of 8 kg, speed will be reduced, displacement also with lower, for
5. 5立方米/分钟。
overall, oil-free screw air compressor in the case of power is constant, when the actual speed change, flow and pressure will also have change. If you want to know or buy please contact GeLinKeEr oil-free screw air compressor manufacturer, provide free oil-free compressed air solutions.
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