Using permanent magnet frequency conversion compressor risk considerations

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In various industries use permanent magnet compressor because the magnet steel caused by permanent magnet demagnetization air compressor case many function failure, permanent magnet compressor once demagnetization speed is amazing, and part of the demagnetization after the motor current will continue to increase, rising energy consumption, allows the user to rising cost of electricity, at the same time there is motor at any time the possibility of a 'strike', serious can cause product line finished product produce scrap. What are the demagnetization risk factors? 1, permanent magnet motor, high temperature resistant level: USES ndfeb magnetic materials, permanent magnet motor magnetic materials because of their excellent magnetic, known as 'magnetic king', ingredients are: rare earth metal neodymium - 29% 32. Iron 63 5%, the metal elements. 95 - 68. Boron 1 65% and nonmetallic elements. 1 - 1. The elements such as 2%. Permanent magnet motor performance and an important indicators: high temperature resistant grades, more than its heat resistance level, the magnetic flux density will fell sharply. High temperature resistant level can be divided into: N series, more than 80 degrees; H series, resistant to 120 degrees; SH series, over 150 degrees. 2, motor protection grade: divided into IP23 and IP54 protection grade. Due to temperature IP23 so can only be designed to open motor, air compressor used many occasions is poorer, dust, moisture, salt spray corrosive gas lead to the low service life. Especially containing metal dust into the motor will seriously affect the magnetic line distribution, resulting in decreased efficiency. And the high degree of protection IP54 motor avoids the above risks. 3, motor cooling: because material special permanent magnet motor, normally for how to ensure the cooling and cooling machine is the key point, the permanent magnet on the market mainly adopts frequency conversion air compressor motor cooling way, usually there are three ways: air cooling, water cooling, oil cooling. ( 1) Air: low cost, heat dissipation of the worst, high maintenance costs, big volume. ( 2) Water: good heat dissipation, high cost, With water tank, water pump or water cycle system) , easy to produce corrosion, rust, and the sealing requirement is high. ( 3) Oil cooling: small volume, good heat dissipation, low cost, can use air compressor oil circulating system. Frequency conversion air compressor developing so fast in recent years, but the pain also brought by the uninterrupted growth. Has air compressor, and the news and air compressor explosion cases, caused the industry for the product quality concerns. This not only affect the healthy development of the industry, also seriously affect the interests of customers. Therefore, we in understanding, promote the advantages of permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor at the same time, must understand and demonstrate its board and shortcomings, let the user alert!
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