Want to know how to judge whether air compressor are in need of major repair? What all does that include overhaul

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
How to determine whether the air compressor are in need of major repair?

has fault 'lock' host. Remove the strip inspection, repair after host performance, such as repair costs determine whether has the repair value.

to be able to run the host:

according to the unit operation time decision: air compressor unit operation time up to 20000 hours, or four years after commissioning shall arrange the host for overhaul.

detection decision: according to the actual operation of unit operation parameters such as noise, running current, running, such as temperature, displacement, host vibration detection of the corresponding data analysis, to determine whether the need for host major repair work.

overhaul work content have?
remove, drawing out the corresponding gear ( Or pulley drive etc. ) And bearing; Cleaning screw, shaft, gap adjustment gaskets, grinding, repairs, shaft, screw, and damage to the stator surface; Bearing installation, adjust clearance, testing each clearance; Commissioning, running in adjustment.

overhaul when several aspects need to pay attention to? In the process of removal must be careful to avoid damage the screw meshing surface, locking screw thread; Before installing the unit to do a good job of cleaning parts; Use original replacement of a complete set of bearing.

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