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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Many buy screw air compressor, ignore a problem: how to reasonable arrangement to install it? If you want to high efficiency and reasonable use of screw air compressor, can consider in installing the following:

1, from the security perspective, screw air compressor should be installed in the flame, such as explosion-proof equipment security distance. Consulting the installation of experienced technical personnel, and refer to the relevant state standard.

2, from the point of view using screw air compressor shall be installed near the air side equipment, in order to avoid each other are too far apart, avoid pipeline transport consumption of compressed air for a long time, can not reach the expected effect.

GeLinKeEr screw air compressor

3, if the screw air compressor environment more suitable temperature, the air compressor but high or too low, and air compressor can be considered installed in open air or half to put in the air, so that the heat of air compressor. However, if the environment temperature change is too big, or often have dust, air compressor should be placed in a spacious room. At the same time also can provide a convenient for maintenance.

4. Don't screw air compressor under liquid device, so as to avoid heat harm to it.

screw air compressor installation need to find the experienced technical personnel, pay attention to the air compressor and other processing equipment installation order, between the design and installation shall comply with the air compressor installation requirements and standards, in order to achieve good using effect, reduce the unnecessary loss. More details of the screw air compressor can be consulting GeLinKeEr customer service, this article from the xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technology co. , LTD. Reprint please indicate the source
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