Water cooled type air compressor cooling water of the matters needing attention

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor of the cooling system is divided into air cooling and water cooling two types. Air cooled is a common way of cooling by fan using air convection, make the cold air heat can be taken away. And water was built by cooling water tower, by cooling water to take away heat. In general, water-cooled air cooling is more efficient than, machine than power will also be slightly lower than that of air cooling machine. But the initial construction costs, Cooling towers) Is significantly higher than that of the air-filled type machine. The following will be with you on the cooling system of water-cooling, water cooling system when use should pay attention to the items: use soft water cooling water optimization, in order to avoid the plasma calcium magnesium in the water because of the high temperature and the chemical reaction, forming a scale in the cooler, affect the heat transfer effect of the cooler. If use of cooling towers circulation system, the water must be regularly add softener, to keep the water clean. Cooling water circulation system of the automatic supply system must be perfect, or several hours after the operation, cooling water shortage will cause the air compressor shut down due to high temperature. Cooling towers are required to meet the requirements of air compressor cooling water, at the same time, correct selection of pump power, easy to heat dissipation, cooling water tower place places well ventilated, and to support a fixed, in case of dumping. Cooling water outlet temperature should be kept below 40 ℃. Air compressor of the water cooling system used alone as much as possible, avoid sharing with other systems, in order to prevent the water shortage affect the cooling effect. In the general case, the hydraulic pressure of cooling water must be maintained at 0. 25 - 0. Between 40 mpa, shall not exceed 0. 60Mpa。 Above is some information about water-cooling preliminary specification of air compressor cooling water use and the matters needing attention, for your reference.
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