Water lubrication oil-free air compressor maintenance?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Often asked a lot of friends, bought a water lubrication oil-free air compressor, but know all around yourself and no similar experience in maintenance, how to maintain as well? About how to maintain water lubrication oil-free air compressor, two points, you must first understand what is a time to do maintenance, another is the specific maintenance methods.

although water lubrication oil-free air compressor don't need to replace lubricating oil, but even DRCGW - 55/75 so efficient use of water cooling machine, also need to pay attention to the manufacturer does not ensure that all the warranty during the warranty scope, its press line, host and cooler for that poor maintenance, to scale, such as erosion and failure occurs, the manufacturer is unable to provide you with the warranty. Coupled with this type of compressor special strict to the requirement of water quality, thus guarantee is very important for the pure water, here suggest you consider change water every 100 hours operation. In addition to every 100 hours in water operation, also need to ensure every year 1 time 1 small maintenance maintenance and six months.

GeLinKeEr staff warm prompt you, specific maintenance needs to pay attention to the younger brother a boot debugging, don't separate operation, to look for professional staff to test, after several times of maintenance will be allowed to operate. In every time after the completion of the operation, to keep clean and dry inside, the remnant of the air compressor to pour out some waste water, placed in neat, smooth foundation environment. Besides the class under the machine can only be used in pressurized air, in addition to the solid liquid and some special gas is strictly prohibited, careless because there will be produced in the risk of a chemical reaction, causing the explosion.

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