We have requirements for reservoir quality

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
I am suzhou Chou a hoisting machinery company, our company covers more than 30 different models of products, and patented products. The company passed the ISO9001 - 2008 international quality management system certification, customers all over the country and around the world famous investment company in China, and become the German company authorized partner in China.

the gasholder I'm the most authority to judge because I started to do the gasholder JiuJi years, welder is propane tanks, then chose left hoisting machinery, so I choice of storage tanks must choose good quality, good reputation, old brands - time for a long time Xiamen pressure container co. , LTD.

I found is through the website inquiry, contact me later for our regional sales, actually at first I want to make up for the is in touch with her, my jar is beyond use fixed number of year, I was thinking to fill the much cheaper than purchasing jar. But sales tell beyond use fixed number of year of the jar to fill not the card, and fill the uneconomical, spent several hundred yuan to repair a certificate, can only use one year, and inspection procedure is very troublesome, suggested that we should direct the purchase of a new storage tanks is to save time and effort, just a 1 cubic 8 kg pot only 23000 yuan is not expensive, you can use more than a decade. Later, a comprehensive consider think sales suggestion is right, we just expired, direct purchase of a new, later left the hassle.

was satisfied with the purchase, storage tanks quickly to the scene, invoice then came also, communication is also very happy.

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