We pay attention to air compressor maintenance before?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
With the increase of the number of air compressor, failure rate is also gradually rising, more and more users need maintenance. Many people would have such a similar experience: after buy in air compressor, many manufacturers after-sales are direct replacement and maintenance process, but that many manufacturers have no remember to users for air compressor before maintenance should pay attention to what, today I bring you some dry at ordinary times it is difficult to see.

A, turn the power off first, and be marked in the location of the power switch;

B, in order to prevent the reverse flow of compressed air, not only need a one-way valve to prevent, and cut-off valve of air compressor to cut off the work;

C, in order to release the pressure of the system successfully, need to open the vent valve;

D, if the user equipment is water-cooled, need timely emptying system of water inside, to ensure air compressor parts in high cooling condition;

E, the ground some grease stain and wipe clean.

it is 5 PM air compressor need to prepare something before doing maintenance, in addition to tell you something about air compressor maintenance before what need to pay attention to.

A, many users of air compressor for d may also often there is A mistake: it is generally believed that as long as the machine shutdown, the user can instantly for air compressor maintenance. But the user is not clear, many brands will have a set of automatic control of air compressor internal system, the system mechanism determines the air compressor is likely to be awakened at any time;

B, never use gasoline alternative professional GeLinKeEr detergent to wash/in the compressor being charged or under a certain pressure in chengdu, not for casual remove air compressor.

these are air compressor before maintenance need to be aware of the time, hope to help everyone's learning work.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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