What are the advantages of the screw air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Use high capacity compression screw air compressor components, its speed is low and the cylindrical rotor oil, realized the high efficiency and high reliability. New design to ensure that the system temperature and the low level of compressed air temperature
. Ensure that all parts are good condensation effect and the highest service life.

1, screw air compressor machine has: high stability, high efficiency, little vibration, low noise means etc.
2, rotor of Yin and Yang, and the matching of the rotor and the casing is set, the backflow of the gas leak less so, at the same time all the clearance volume, high efficiency.
3, injection of oil seal, condensation, noise reduction and lubrication 4, compared to the piston machine, less wearing parts, lower failure rate.
4, compared to the piston machine, less wearing parts, lower failure rate.
5, screw compression work curve smoothing, relative to the piston machine little vibration, low noise.
6, condensation pattern generally divided into: water cooling and air cooling.
7, the cooling system: adopting fin type structure, and good material, ensure the condenser pressure, high thermal efficiency, good corrosion resistance.
8, air filter, overloading, and multi-stage air inlet filter, dust removal precision of 1 um ( Ninety-eight percent were filtering) , working face is large, relatively long service life.
9, oil/gas separator: a new generation of separator adopts new filter material, higher efficiency, air oil content is lower than 2 PPM.
10, intelligent control system: air compressor chance done all operating and related data are displayed on the control panel, control in between your fingers, easy and convenient and accurate.

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