What are the air compressor energy saving transformation way?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Now more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to energy saving, the envelop retrofit of air compressor is one of the many enterprises urgently want to accomplish task. So air compressor energy saving transformation way have? Enterprise should be how to choose suits own energy-saving reform way? Then follow the small make up together and see it.

the first and many companies choose ways: frequency conversion transformation. Using frequency transform way also has many advantages, in addition to reduce cost and save energy more effectively reduce the impact of the startup, prolong the life of air compressor, frequency conversion control of the motor, and it is also more accurate air compressor pressure output system with air volume is more match.

then you can use the way of centralized control and centralized control many sets of air compressor, according to gas automatic control to participate in the operation of air compressor machine number, the gas is small to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, excess air compressor reduced by running the Numbers reach the purpose of saving energy.

the other air compressor heat recovery can also effectively saving energy and reducing consumption, use of waste heat recovery technology of air compressor, the compressor of the waste heat reused, used for heating or provide hot water.

GeLinKeEr compressor as the leading brand of the industry, and have more advanced manufacturing technology, understand the way of energy saving renovation of air compressor, choose the most suitable for the enterprise itself, to energy conservation, the authors of efficiency out of a force for the enterprise.

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