What are the safety device air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Mention method to reduce the failure rate of the air compressor, brother 1 impression most people think of is to do proper maintenance, but in fact a lot of people do not know, air compressor machine has several unknown safety protection devices, compared with all kinds of wrong with the air compressor to maintenance, might as well protect in peacetime is not as important as this a few big safety protection devices, today for everyone to introduce on the air compressor machine of this a few big safety protection devices.

A, air compressor exhaust temperature more than normal temperature, automatically trigger the alarm. This should be familiar to everyone, but not all of the factory will give the user to set the exhaust temperature of air compressor, the general system equipped with some brands of air compressor chance to a panel, and when high exhaust temperature trigger the alarm mechanism, the panel will display failure condition in time;

B, pressure sensor and temperature sensor can't work normally, the panel will display in a timely manner.

C, air compressor is known to all need to use the fan for cooling, if the fan has not started, the air compressor to begin to work, there will soon be caused high temperature field, some manufacturers therefore fan ceases to work, there will be a panel shows no fan in the running state;

in addition to these, match the air compressor of the phase sequence of three-phase power supply and exhaust pressure is much higher than the controller, will display the related problem. In addition, some high-end brands like GeLinKeEr controller will short-circuit, overload problem such as the circuit when activated alarm mechanism. This is some of the air compressor machine safety protection devices, believe that the majority of the above mentioned safety protection devices, many users are not heard, because such a configuration will only appear on the part of the air compressor brand, is not each air compressor has the function of the brand.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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