What are the types and functions of air compressor oil?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor oil base oil has two kinds of synthetic and mineral. General through solvent refined mineral oil, dewaxing, supplement refining process such as the formation of the base oil, then add some additives. Air compressor oil contains most of base oil, only 0. 05 is below the base oil additives. So the stand or fall of base oil is an important factor determines air compressor oil. However refined level directly affects the quality of base oil. More deep oil refined degree, jelly will be less, oxidation corrosion effect is obvious.

in air compressor system of high performance, the use of time is also longer. Synthetic oil is to add some chemically synthesized organic additives for lubricating oil. Synthetic oil price is much higher than the mineral oil prices, in the air compressor is not easy to have carbon deposition, antioxidant, lubricant temperature range than mineral oil, service life is long, can meet the requirements of mineral oil could not be completed. Used for air compressor lubrication oil viscosity to be appropriate. Viscosity is too low or too high to reach what we want, the more serious can affect the service life of air compressor.
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