What caused the air compressor displacement decrease?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor is general machinery and equipment, is now widely used in various fields, the air compressor for the length of the motor and host shaft power, displacement will have size, there are many reasons by the lack of air compressor displacement. Let's analyze: air compressor type pause too small beginning of many users don't know their production of specific gas, is about the selection, on the exhaust pressure not to come at this moment, is lower than the rated exhaust pressure, can not meet the normal gas of the factory. At this point, you can check, if there is a leak point line. Closed propane tanks at the back of the valve, if the unit can quickly ascended on pressure, open the valve and pressure drop quickly, and eventually in a pressure point, this can be confirmed, the air compressor unit selection is too small, the unit displacement is smaller than the actual gas production. Solution: add new units, make on the displacement compressor is greater than the gas by 10% ~ 20%. Whether new gas equipment unit air compressor use after a period of time, volume obviously not enough, the pressure on, maintain the rated in the gas line position. At that time, should first check to see if there is new gas equipment, if there is a new gas equipment, how much is gas, compare the air compressor unit can meet the requirements, if not, please new air compressor unit, and increase the displacement. If there is no new gas equipment, exhaust is not enough, check the pipeline leak, if there is no air leakage point line, that is the air compressor unit itself. Air compressor unit itself insufficient displacement have the following questions: whether 01 maintenance and the decline in pressure displacement of time and space, eliminate the above may, after the first have the air compressor maintenance, maintenance for long, if the environment is not very ideal, air compressor to run 2000 hours should check whether the empty filter clogging, light person can use compressed gas dust removal, jams, replace the new air filter. Most of the time, air compressor exhaust rate drop, there is no big problem, is neglected, the air compressor air filter becomes blocked, replace the new air filter, normal use. In addition, in addition to the air filters, lubricants and other filter is also key, check whether the lubricant is in the range of standard, such as lack of, please add appropriately. 02 inlet valve is opened entirely air compressor exhaust rate drop, inspection unit, just to maintain, and eliminate a/oil problem, this is the first check air compressor inlet valve, remove the suction hose, open air compressor, watch the inlet valve is normal. Theory of intake valve design service life is 100000 times, because every factory use brand batch is different, quality is different, so the inlet valve malfunction could lead to a unit displacement decrease. If air compressor load inlet valve cannot be opened entirely, can be concluded that falling displacement inlet valve failure, should remove the repair or replacement. 03 after motor failure above exclude inlet valve failure, displacement of unit there is still no change, should consider whether the motor fault, due to local short circuit occurred in the motor coil, or the bearing wear, lead to motor speed is lower than the rated speed, the air compressor exhaust rate drop, should repair the motor coil, bearings, etc. , testing the air compressor exhaust after repair. 04 environment change, led to the decrease of the displacement altitude increases, environment become damp, could lead to a unit displacement. The higher the altitude, the rarer the air is, the smaller the gas production per unit time, too much moisture in the air, compressed air contains a lot of water, in the back of the processing, precipitation, water vapor lead to displacement decrease. To introduce you to some of the above about the cause of the air compressor exhaust rate lower, hope the broad masses of users when use can judge according to actual condition, avoid because of improper operation or maintenance is not timely to produce exhaust reducing phenomenon, GeLinKeEr as its good air compressor brand, has been committed to create complete compressed air system for the user, always pay attention to every detail, also with high quality/low failure rate in recent years won the praise of users, the good life, build together.
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