What causes air compressor cooler effect worse

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In the air compressor oil circulation system, oil cooler cooling effect of the variation, the oil temperature rise gradually, the causes of this phenomenon are: (1) cooling water quality is poor, copper tube cooler internal scale, cause smaller cooling channel; (2) separation chamber seal bad, cooling water channel in the waterway 'short circuit'; (3) for water cooler and oil cooler after series of models, when after cooler leak caused oil cooler cooling water from reaching the oil cooler cooling effect is poor. (4) when the leakage of oil tanks, the oil pressure is greater than the pressure of cooling water inside the cooler, lubricating oil into the cooling water high temperature lubricant oil shortage caused by the host. Check valve function is to prevent downtime of air inside the separator to the host rewind, cause oil overflowing; During normal running does not cause oil impeded, the check valve core jamming or lose elasticity easy injection; Host exhaust temperature sensor fault is the cause of high false alarm temperature, the other oil change oily dirty or not in time in the water is too large will cause the host exhaust temperature is high. Air compressor host high exhaust temperature is only one air compressor running fault phenomenon, as long as we grasp the working principle of air compressor, familiar with the function of each component, can through the nature of the phenomenon and problems. GeLinKeEr air compressor as its brand, focusing on for the user to create a complete compressed air system, from pre-sales to after-sale to provide users with a complete quality service, for the majority of users provide a more perfect machine running, a better life, create together!
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