What factors affect the displacement

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Many users often after buying machine into a question that why their actual measurement of power than the power will be higher than the plate of a lot of, will be air compressor sellers data fraud? Than problems involving many aspects of the higher power, which is an important part of the machine from the theoretical data and actual data is not consistent. The theory of screw air compressor displacement depends on the volume between teeth, tooth number and speed. Determined by the geometry size of rotor teeth volume. For air compressor, the actual displacement is less than the theoretical displacement possible reasons are: 1, the leakage. Between the rotor and rotor and shell during operation is not in contact, to keep a certain gap, so can produce gas leak. After the pressure of gas through the gap to the suction pipe and gritting is inspiratory slot leakage, will reduce displacement. In order to reduce the leak amount in driven rotor tip do have sealed teeth, active rotor tooth root has a seal groove, end also has annular or strip of sealing tooth processing. If these seal line wear, will make the leak amount increases, the displacement decrease; 2, breathe in state. Screw air compressor is a volume type compressor, suction volume. When inhaling temperature, excessive or suction pipeline resistance and lower the suction pressure, the density of the gas decreases, and accordingly reduces the mass of the gas displacement; 3, cooling effect. Gas temperature rises in the compression process, the temperature of the rotor and the casing also rise accordingly, so in the process of suction, the gas will be affected by the rotor and the heating and expansion of the chassis, so accordingly will decrease to breathe in. Screw air compressor rotor some adopted oil cooling, casing with water cooling, one of its purpose is to reduce the temperature. When the cooling effect is not good, temperature rise, displacement will decrease; 4, rotational speed. The displacement is proportional to the speed of the screw compressor. And speed tend to change with power grid voltage, frequency and. When the voltage is reduced ( For asynchronous motor) Or reduce the frequency, speed will decline, reduce volume. Above are some of the most basic about the cause of the air compressor displacement change, hope to be able to give the user some reference, adjust the machine according to their own conditions, completes the maintenance, will achieve plaque than power as possible.
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