What factors affect the price of the air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Why is an empty press price
have high low? Can reach hundreds of thousands of high and low, but can be as low as thousands of hundreds of dollars? The enterprise how to choose the correct air compressor? Below GeLinKeEr air compressor from the brand, model, power of the air compressor factors such as the simple analyse for everyone. First of all, from the brand's start, believes that many industrial enterprises responsible for procurement of the air compressor all know some foreign brands, such as: ingersoll-rand, sullair, but their air compressor price is very expensive. Why is that? Because of good quality.

although say good quality can use for a long time, but expensive prices for some domestic small and medium-sized enterprise is unable to afford, only a few large enterprises will adopt the foreign brand air compressor. Domestic brand of air compressor is also rapidly emerging with the development of the industry, such as GeLinKeEr, crown feng, and so on.

purchasing personnel may have a question, the two factory to ask the same specifications, the same power of compressor, the price is large difference. This is related to the production of air compressor machine used by the material problem. For example: A manufacturer production of air compressor using stainless steel material, and manufacturers use B is carbon steel material, use different material, air compressor will, of course, different price.

another situation: the use of material, the host power, too, but the price also have bigger difference, this is due to the different air compressor vendors would host technology parameters is not the same. Different manufacturer of air compressor host performance is different, some manufacturer production function of air compressor to secondary energy efficiency, while some factory research and development of the host can reach grade 1 energy efficiency even super grade 1 energy efficiency. The better the energy saving effect, the price will certainly much higher than regular air compressor price.

and the same brand of air compressor, model, power is not the same size, the price will be different. For example GeLinKeEr 2 power is not the same as air compressor, its size, internal host and parts size is different, so the price will be difference.

summary: enterprise in the choice of air compressor, the price is on the one hand, but the main is suitable for your business, can save energy consumption for a company, and the price is in a range of cost-effective air compressor is the air compressor should be chosen. To learn more about air compressor, please call GeLinKeEr consulting for details.
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