What is a good lubricating oil to air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Along with our country industry rapid development, along with the progress of The Times, the air compressor of more and more market share, almost production-oriented enterprises are equipped with air compressor, air compressor, or more selective, and then have the air compressor, is little not air compressor maintenance requirements, completes the air compressor maintenance, after all, can guarantee effective continuous production of air compressor.

conventional maintenance of air compressor and lubricating oil, replace a/a/is we often say: air filter, oil filter and oil and gas separator, the rotor lubricant and lubricating oil is also what we say at ordinary times or super cooling fluid, also some people commonly known as air compressor oil, you don't look down upon air compressor lubricants, oil change is a necessary part of the air compressor maintenance.

lubricant for air compressor, play a left and right sides, respectively, are: seal, lubrication, cooling, cleaning and so on, are generally replaced every 2000 hours, the general air compressor used lubricating oil is better?

remember a client in xiamen, the air compressor maintenance always said he himself with lubricating oil, the door to the manufacturer with a/maintenance line, is so predisposed, maintenance costs and save a lot of, but the new machine use less than a year, in an emergency press down the production task is hollow, high temperature downtime! Factories send door to door found that in the air compressor oil pipe, oil barrels and cooler are blocked inside, and a thick layer of carbon, the machine shutdown.

the original customer lubricating oil for their own use the original purchase, but by private means to buy not well-known lubricating oil, lubricating oil quality, purity is not enough, the residue is more, lead to internal coking with use air compressor, the inside of the fine oil residue in the host, host jammed, subsequent engineer did emergency processing, remove the tubing, cooler coking components such as soaking with carbon cleaning agent for cleaning, also made a big maintenance to the machine, the customer can't careless, parts and lubricants are directly USES the original factory, to save to come.

here you should know what kind of air compressor used lubricating oil is good, just remember, no matter what brand of machine, such as GeLinKeEr, as long as you use authentic original lubricating oil, is a very good choice!

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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