What is a high pressure air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
High pressure air compressor group is mainly composed of compressor host, drive ( Motor) , interstage condenser, separation, purification and other processing equipment, compressed air and pressure display, control and security devices.

below is its working process. When drive through v-belt drive compressor work, since the state of the air through the air inlet filter

( 1) Sucked to grade 1 cylinder ( I) Inside, compression to certain pressure, discharge to one, between the secondary condenser

( 2) And separator

( 3) Within the condensation and separation of oil and gas into the cylinder (2 Ⅱ) Be further compressed to higher pressure condenser between back out to 2, level 3

( 4) And separator

( 5) For cooling and the filter to compress oil and condensate in the air, then enter the level 3 cylinder ( Ⅲ) After the compression to the required pressure, eventually entering the separator

( 7) Filter purifier

( 8) Further to remove oil from compressed air and steam condensate and oil, to gain the high pressure air to condensation, clean tasteless filling the qualified provide used in high-pressure cylinders. Be separated from all levels of the separator after the cylinder and filter the oil and condensate, through the drain valve

( 9) Regularly to closed or collected in the sewage tank. In the compressor working process will also include a pressure display, control and overpressure protection device.

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