What is a industrial bearings?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
For many users, bearing is a familiar stranger ', everyone had heard of bearing, but don't really know about it. A lot of people because of a car, maybe some understanding of auto bearing, but for users of air compressor, the first thing to distinguish is industrial bearings and ordinary car bearing. To start with, specially designed for auto bearings, industrial bearings although the size is same, but the work environment varies widely, so you need to meet the performance is far too. Industrial bearings are generally stable at high speed (no vibration dust-free environment Mostly used in motor) , and auto bearing working environment is outdoors, outdoor dust, water, vehicle bounce the tremendous impact of the landing brings to the bearing, there are a lot of sideslip of lateral force, make the car bearing must overcome these bad working environment, of course, this is also the cause of industrial bearings completely unable to meet the demand of automobile. Difference, followed by lubricating maintenance maintenance of industrial bearings need not regular maintenance maintenance, add lubricating oil or oil change. Otherwise it will cause bearing wear, shorten life, and so on. Because of the use time of industrial machinery are usually longer, and the speed is fast. Thus easy to cause the lack of lubricating oil, the problem such as metamorphism; The family car doesn't need to add lubricating oil regularly. Car load load is relatively small, add lubricant is big weight chassis friction parts, only large truck, bus chassis is local to add lubricating oil, lubricating oil liquidity is poorer, not suitable for the car chassis parts, car chassis is not installed oil mouth, but regular service it is necessary to check the chassis, the car is using a molding unnecessary lubricating bearing, broken can be replaced easily. Lubricating oil if loss does not occur, the shaft head bearing life cycle, that there is no need to change regularly, can be used for life. In the event of spindle head bearing the loss of lubricating oil, or to add lubricating oil. Shaft head bearing lubricating oil demand is very small, as long as can daub bearing rolling space, too much oil will only lead to pollution to flow the wheel, even the pollution to the brake disc, they can cause brake failure. More than simply introduces some industrial bearings for everyone and the difference between ordinary car bearing, for your reference.
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