What is causing air compressor alert to several factors?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
What is causing air compressor alert to several factors? Temperature: refers to the compressor outlet temperature of the mixture of oil and gas, is greater than or equal to 110 ℃. Pressure is too high: refers to the compressor outlet pressure is higher than 10 bar; Oil and gas separator: from compression will head out of the compressed air entrainment have greatly small oil droplets. Large droplets through oil and gas separation bucket is easy separation, but small oil droplets ( Under 1 microns in diameter of suspended particles) Need through the oil and gas separation filter of micron and glass fiber filter material layer filtration. To make out of the compressed air more pure and fine, without oil. Compressed air of solid particles after oil core will be trapped in the filter layer, which leads to the differential pressure oil core ( Resistance) On the rise. With the increase of oil content core use time, when the differential pressure oil core reaches 0. 08 to zero. 1 mpa, need to be replaced. Air filter: refers to the air filter is too dirty, or jams, the resistance of the air through the filter will get bigger, the entrance of the compressor can produce negative pressure. Oil filter: because of the air compressor to run for a long time, after the impurities in the air is drawn into the compressor can cause oil filter blockage, so that the pressure difference before and after the filter is too large. High exhaust temperature: refers to the heat of air compressor, air compressor oil quantity and quality is not normal. Low oil level: refers to the low air compressor oil level in oil and gas separator, oil through the mirror can't see the air compressor lubricants. High oil temperature: captain time due to air compressor, high speed, poor oil aging, back to the oil, oil filter blockage, and compressed air out of the air compressor will be out of a few oil cause air compressor lubricant entrainment loss, caused by high oil temperature.
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