What is oil free air compressor, what's the difference?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Called the oil free air compressor oil free air compressor, is the main body in air supply device, it is the prime mover ( Usually the motor, Device that can convert the mechanical energy of gas pressure, is the pressure of compressed air generator.

1, parameter matching work pressure control: laboratory air compressor pressure mostly in 0 - 8BAR( About 0 - 8 kg) Adjustable so as to meet the requirements of most of the experimental equipment of air pressure. Stability constant displacement ( Usually expressed in L/MIN) : refers to the rated pressure gas flow how many liters per minute, and to ensure the steady gas flow, so the stability of air compressor working requirement is very high.

mute oil free screw air compressor

2, compressed air quality oil-free air compressor is the best items are: oil free air compressor machine itself materials do not contain oily substance, avoid the pollution of oil machine for terminal equipment, so choose laboratory mute oil free air compressor for air quality guarantee is necessary. After the air filtration device, air quality should meet the following the international standard. All silent air compressor has no oil or water and adsorption dryer and fine filtration system, which integrates design, built-in drainage function, dew point - 40 ℃, the machine has compact structure, the style is novel and attractive, stable performance and gas production is big, smooth machine operation, low noise, low temperature, energy-saving 0 than similar products. 2 - 1千瓦/小时。

difference: oil-free air compressor of air compressor oil and no oil is generally refers to the air compressor outlet exhaust gas of oil content of how many, generally speaking, there are oil machine oil content is larger, oil free machine oil content is 0. Another is oil-free air compressor, it is not used with oil lubrication, but use resin material lubrication, so eventually exhaust gas oil not called the oil free air compressor, but before this kind of air compressor bearing dry grinding due to sealing grease is easy to loss and damage, the quality is not very satisfactory, the domestic general is lubrication oil-free machine, a new developed on the basis of original full oil free compressor improved oil-free air compressor, the whole oil free compressor with heat resistance of piston, the bearing grease by heat conduction and radiation loss no longer, so that the whole oil free compressor greatly extended service life, is now completely over the life of the same oil machine. If want to learn more air compressor, can call GeLinKeEr air compressor consulting for details.
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