What is the difference between different type dryer energy saving effect?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Manufacturing will use complete set of air compressor equipment, but each gas demand is different, choose to suit their own complete sets of equipment can greatly reduce the energy consumption and improve the work efficiency. Use air compressor users are clear, the annual operation cost cost of energy consumption accounts for a large hollow press, different matching different types of compressor, air compressor also need to consider person's energy consumption also want to meet user needs, this will save a lot during the use of cost.

predominantly frozen type dryer and adsorption type two kinds, the two devices market share is relatively high, the dryer is not matched with all equipment can be, need according to the actual circumstance of the user to choose the most. Freeze drying machine after sales and purchase cost is relatively low, operation is better in production enterprises, in the production of air dew point pressure is usually in 3 - 10 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the compressed air compressor is mainly by person to reduce, temperature lowering, condensing water produced by the will, the more will become dry air compressor. Also produced water is through the separator is separated out, through water drainage system.

the workings of a person who has a cycle and the cycle of air compressor cooling way is same, but there are differences in technology is cycle starts, the refrigeration system is running, circulating more humanized, tend to be in need of work it to begin to work. This way of working can be found that circulating more energy efficient. Different person technology have different cost, the cost of the person who come mainly from compressor, control devices, etc. , the circulation of purchasing cost is lower, even so, in the whole period of using, circulation should be the lowest cost.

adsorption dryer is suitable for use under the condition of the environment temperature is very low, such as the pharmaceutical industry and food industry. The type of dryer is more, each of which has different applicable environment, so according to actual condition to select products, specific can consult GeLinKeEr you do not understand.

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