What is the difference between permanent magnet frequency converter and power frequency machine?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
If the air compressor industry to focus on students is not hard to find, now on the market more and more permanent magnet frequency changer machine factory, small make up is the environmental protection industry, there are several previously used are friends of power frequency machine, now have also used the GeLinKeEr, such permanent magnet machine. Words here, there may be friends will feel strange for these two new nouns.

today to explain the difference between the two for everybody, rated power frequency machine is kept in a work efficiency of the machine, and permanent magnet frequency can be according to the actual gas of the factory to adjust speed, to achieve energy saving effect of as large as possible.

the main difference between them is:

( 1) Similar GeLinKeEr converter internal collocation of the permanent magnet frequency changer the soft start, when the machine start, the current top rated 1. 2 times, and the power frequency easily reach six times up, by contrast, GeLinKeEr permanent magnet frequency current shock is more small, the protection of system more comprehensive;

( 2) Machines are running in the rated power frequency work efficiency, and to run at least eight hours a day, and as compared with GeLinKeEr permanent magnet frequency conversion, 3 hours a day, most of the time, the speed is lower than the rated, therefore is to effectively control the noise of the machine;

( 3) Frequency converter can be displacement transformation, according to the real-time gas and power frequency machine can work in a displacement.

permanent magnet machine is widely used, for the market, is a good thing, means that the pace of upgrading faster and faster, hope that the future can have benefits like GeLinKeEr permanent magnet frequency converter products the benefit of consumers.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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