What's the reason why air compressor vibration is too large?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor in operation, the vibration is inevitable, but excessive vibration during operation, will cause serious harm to air compressor, the face of large air compressor vibration causes are analyzed as follows:

a, the vibration of the drive running:

the unit starts up, due to the unit starting current is big, the torsion moment is big, motor caused by a sense of displacement, and in the process of start, through the surge area is an unstable process, the vibration is obvious.

to a company a air compressor as an example, because rev. Car is not standard, boot inlet guide vane, and calibration position often inconsistent, the boot, the starting current is very big, even feel obviously surge phenomenon, cause the boot after vibration is very big, therefore, affect the service life of the compressor and the car for many times, often need to stop.

frequently open parking on the vibration may also be affected. Because of the influence of the substantial conditions don't allow or mechanical failure, was forced to open year stop many times, make the rotor balance is destroyed. Stop when the product on the rotor of the dust fall off or other oxide unevenly, broken the balance of the rotor.

due to the large torque to the moment of stop open gear shaft and sealing impact wear is very big, although with shaft seal in the qualified range, but will produce a large axial displacement, always wear on a point on the seal and the shaft damage, decrease the seal or shaft surface smoothness, so that the vibration increase, even damage the equipment.

2, bearing impact:

air compressor is often used before sliding bearing is two pieces of tile, after 2003, the air compressor sliding bearing is reformed, on the basis of the original air compressor body of bearing bush upgraded, adopting tilting five piece of tile, tile and tile between between the shaft and the oil quantity increased, although the lubrication and cooling performance is better, sealed performance is not as good as the original sliding bearing; Reduced, but vibration mechanical efficiency is greatly improved, has been recognized by the industry at present. Defect is often drift jumping, bearing temperature and vibration testing equipment to set-up only by experience, lack of standards, make daily monitoring malfunction, brings to the operator mistakenly judgment.

3, the influence of the condensation water:

with corrosive gas condensate in the air caused by rotor, air seal, diffuser, and carbon steel pipelines corrosion is serious, the air in the production of eddy current air vibration. Damage from rotor balance pipe oxide scour, vibration is intense, and therefore are forced to stop, this kind of accident has happened twice. Under the influence of the condensed water, especially in the wet weather, there is no timely discharge condensate, or hydrophobic device fault, cause condensate can not discharge, so that the water into the impeller. Increasing vibration, damage to equipment.

4, for the bad, the axial displacement caused by vibration value:

with coupling between each cylinder transfer movement and torque, thermal expansion due to installation error of the unit, working conditions, loading after deformation and uneven settlement of foundation and so on, the unit may cause the unit work between each cylinder axis in the wrong. Not alternating force will cause the axial, radial, axial and radial vibration caused by vibration, but also increased with the severity of as wrong.

coupling its installation error, coupling manufacture imbalance, coupling end deviation is too large, the elastic coupling manufacturing precision is not enough and logout and tide wait for no reason will cause the coupling fault. The larger bearing clearance, oil film vortex causes such as the main reason for the bearing defect.
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