When you buy the screw air compressor can't load, how to deal with not only production

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
For part of the customer, when choosing equipment is the important part? Probably a lot of people are not very clear, when we select a product, will think of the choice will bring us what kind of result, this are what people care about, then when the screw air compressor
to be loaded? How to solve? How can can ensure normal production. See below GeLinKeEr analysis for you! Fault phenomenon:

screw air compressor inlet disc valve to open it, regulating unit servo cylinder action.

a, below is unable to load cause analysis:
1, the inlet disc valve parts fault, such as connecting rod bolt is loose; 2, servo cylinder diaphragm wear serious leak; 3, loading electromagnetic valve damage; 4, control the gas discharge solenoid valve failure discharge;
5, filter glass or control tracheal road has leaked; 6, capacity regulator blocked or failure; 7, pressure switch setting is not correct, or drift after setting.

2, screw air compressor unable to load the solution:
1, minus the disc valve parts failure or disc change valve; 2, from loading electromagnetic valve failure or load change electromagnetic valve; 3, uninstall or change the discharge solenoid valve solenoid valve failures;
4, change the filter glass or leak; 5, changing or cleaning capacity regulator; 6, change or reset the pressure switch.
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