Where there is selling air compressor of the tank?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Where there is selling air compressor of the tank? GeLinKeEr ( Xiamen) Co. , LTD is specializing in the production of a body machine, GeLinKeEr production factory is located in jiading, xiamen office is located in the minhang in xiamen, welcome clients to visit our factory and office for an interview.

now our customer need to pursue more efficient, time saving, convenient, air compressor of the gasholder, than the general installation of time saving, high efficiency, and greatly reduces the customer on-site installation, our traditional idea is to buy air compressor, air tank and post-processing, etc. , is one by one to install, it need customer between variable diameter of the calibre of the equipment, pipeline to buy. Sometimes need to welding, etc.

let's talk about the air compressor is how to bring their own air tank? Gasholder are actually not as we split type vertical, air compressor's own gas-holder is horizontal, the gasholder make it horizontal, then gasholder top made a empty iron lining pressure machine platform, air compressor and so on iron support platform, air tank connection with air compressor and their installation without customers, manufacturers have been installed before they go out connection is good, it solves the customer don't understand the installation.

now air compressor with propane tanks, this greatly shortens the time of the installation of the customer and improve the efficiency, also can use extremely fast, is the outlet of air compressor can be received the road administration directly, GeLinKeEr ( Xiamen) Compressor co. , LTD. , with hundreds of workers, dozens of research and development of test engineers and dozens of sales engineer, etc. , it is because of GeLinKeEr company constant pursuit of each research and development to customer satisfaction, now GeLinKeEr all-in-one is outstanding in air compressor industry, product quality, reputation and credibility of customers are satisfied.

xiamen GeLinKeEr air compressor is always your capital, rather than the cost of you!

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