Why air compressor blot machine than person confidential expensive?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
“ Why are all the same air compressor, I buy some more expensive than you? ” This is is plagued by consumers since god created a big problem. In addition to the brand, the performance of the machine will be a gap. But small make up today's lesson is not only a matter of air compressor, but 2 big air compressor post-processing & ndash; — Person with blot machine. Is also a drying machine, person who generally more expensive than blot machine? Why is this?

blot machine than person who sell expensive? The hand? For this, I sort out a few related dry goods for your reference:

1, according to the principle of work, blot machine dry deep degree higher than person machine, person who only briefly with some liquid state under water, and suck dry machine, the light is contained in desiccant, it can absorb a large number of moisture in the workplace, blot machine has more advantages; To the effect of water is more good.

2, from the Angle of energy saving, person who need continuous cooling, doing work and blot machine only the physical control of the valve, depletion of the energy consumption is far lower than the person;

3, from the point of the machine failure rate, person of circuit system compared to blot electromechanical system is responsible for a lot of, person and failure rate is much higher.

as far as I know, in GeLinKeEr technology center, GeLinKeEr person is carried out in accordance with the air cooling and water cooling, air cooling and water cooling two mainly lies in the differences in the cooling way, small make up of our company, environmental protection, according to the actual needs of the company, purchasing is the high temperature air cooling person, in the process of actual purchasing post-processing equipment, we can according to their actual needs.

for person and blot machine, if the price-sensitive customers, according to the requirements of the company, the economic person, can be used for air compressor gas compression quality has strict requirements, blot machine air filter effect is better. Ou can best on the market of micro thermal regeneration and no hot regeneration blot machine can meet the needs of customers.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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