Why air compressor maintenance regularly?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Today have customer hurriedly call for air compressor high temperature. Oil spill, downtime, cannot use, worry let's on-site check and repair. Situation like this a lot, such as there are customer said the belt is broken, fan doesn't work, the host card is dead, and so on these problems, what is why? Is the quality of the machine itself is not?

in fact everyone in the mind is clear, the machine is the quality is no problem, whether any machines in use process is lossy. Typically customers reflect the machine when there is no problem, is refused to on-site inspection, also won't have a regular maintenance, so will appear this kind of circumstance. In fact this is not difficult to understand, the machine is the same as people, children regularly go to the beauty salon, do skin care, and maintenance, maintenance of skin, people live more young and beautiful, men go to massage, stretch the tibia, relax the body and mind, that is to reduce the exhaustion of body and mind, can have a better state to continue to work hard. Machine is the same, so also to maintain regularly, so as not to fail, to better and more effective to get the job done. Don't wait for the machine conditions and rush to deal with, such laborious also affect efficiency, thed loss outweights the gain, so we don't want to idle trouble, afraid to spend money rather than these.

the routine maintenance on a regular basis is to replace a/an oil ( The air filter, oil and gas separator, oil filter, oil) So that it can prevent the occurrence of some common fault, this is the function of air compressor normal operation.

when the failure of our engineers have died of hard ran to the customer's site, in fact is not much of a problem, is a small problem, notice at ordinary times, won't happen this problem, so that more labor do not say, will also reduce the service life of air compressor.

air compressor customer attention, must not be the province of air compressor maintenance, once more the machine can can hurt a person's life, such as belt broke and was flung out more will take to the people, and so on are possible, so don't bother to idle trouble, air compressor must be maintained regularly.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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