Why air compressor oil seal leakage occurs, how to deal with?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In the previous article, introduce the air compressor oil seal recommendation work pressure, and at the end of the previous section, were mentioned will bring you in this month's column of air compressor oil seal leakage problem analysis. Air compressor oil seal leakage happens, often consists of a variety of reasons, including the location of the leakage risk also vary. At the time of air compressor oil seal leakage, we need to do is to solve the problem calmly, to confirm the oil seal leakage happened in which position itself, to specific solutions to.

oil seal leakage caused the main reason is not a good seal, this phenomenon may be artificially, may also be a product quality problem caused by itself. Several reasons are common:

( 1) Custom or installed on the oil seal size cannot match the surface of the air compressor host, use for a long time in the shape of the size of the oil seal itself radically change;

( 2) Oil seal storage medium and strong chemical reaction happened between oil seal, rubber ring inside the expansion in oil seal itself produced a rapidly aging;

( 3) At the time of installation of oil seal, or transit workers caused accidental damage to oil seal;

( 4) The influence of internal impurities.

the oil seal in theory to solve the problem, only need a simple replacement and repair process. But it is important to note that the user should be performed according to the oil seal leakage level itself related judgment, oil seal leakage according to my experience, are generally divided into the following categories:

( 1) Do not produce a serious leakage of water molecules; ( 2) Continuous leakage for a period of time, usually this kind of leakage belongs to the naked eye can directly identify, basically, this simply with the impurities; ( 3) Serious leakage: the need of personnel for timely replacement. Said some users can see the quality of the oil seal is very important, the next article will explain how to choose the right oil seal for you.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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