Why buy less than 5 cents a kilo of litchi now

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
“ A ride the world of mortals smile of princess is unknown litchi to & throughout; Litchi for delicious has always been welcomed by people, this fruit in ancient logistics is not developed the advanced fruit is the pronoun of luxurious life. Litchi taste sweet, but not easy storage, generally take two or three days are gone bad, the origin of goods as bad litchi only sell 5 yuan, can't buy good price of litchi were used as animal feed more lost by growers crushed on the spot.

a: imagine if these litchi shipped we sell 5 yuan will also be gone here? But why we can't buy five hair moneys litchi? Fruit transportation by road, rail and air several general conditions, litchi freshness is very short, if can, road and rail transport near far cannot ensure fresh litchi, so far the region choose air transportation, air freight is the price is quite high, dealers and price, so even if shipped here price also turned over several times, so we will never be able to buy five hair moneys litchi.

industrial production will not have this kind of situation, the first national emphasis on industrial productivity level is higher, moreover there is no shelf life of industrial products, the general is not easy to damage, the factory can according to customer requirements directly after transport in various areas of the country and even the world. Like xiamen propane tanks from the factory to transport a one-stop service system, as long as you a phone call we'll send storage tanks in the shortest possible time.

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