Why melt-blown fabric production with oil free air compressor in xiamen

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As the change of the global epidemic situation, overseas demand for masks and other protective supplies increases, and quality requirements are higher, it will have to make the domestic production of melt-blown fabric enterprises improve the quality of melt-blown fabric products. The key of melt-blown fabric quality is oil-free air compressor oil free compressed air.

oil free compressor

melt-blown cloth is mask the core materials, mainly for polypropylene melt-blown cloth as the main raw material, fiber can reach 1 ~ 5 micron in diameter. In the healthcare industry, mainly used for protective clothing, masks, diaper, women sanitary napkin and so on, therefore, solution spray to the quality of the cloth is decided to the quality of the epidemic prevention materials such as a mask. Melt-blown fabric production process, but not by the oil free air compressor produce compressed air, thus, the quality of compressed air is also determines the quality of melt-blown cloth, according to this logic, the quality of compressed air is also determines the quality of masks and epidemic prevention disease resistant materials such as.

there are many kinds of air compressor, which micro screw air compressor oil is a common type, economical and practical, but because of its compressed air produced oil content is large, even through the subsequent oil removal filter processing, the quality of the compressed air can reach the production requirements of melt-blown fabric, therefore, we recommend using GeLinKeEr oilless air compressor. GeLinKeEr oil-free air compressor in the compression process, do not contact with oil, gas and components such as compressor bearings, synchronous gear, still need lubrication, just the lubrication between components and the compression chamber, the high efficiency of shaft seal segregated, ensure lubricating oil into the compression chamber, therefore, the compressed air from one hundred percent meet the requirements of melt-blown fabric production. If you need production high demand of compressed air please contact GeLinKeEr manufacturers.
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