Why the air compressor oil coking?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor oil is flowing in air compressor & other; Blood throughout the &; , air compressor for work without the effect of lubricating oil production, if the air compressor coking will seriously affect the air compressor high efficiency work, today to in-depth analysis of the cause of the air compressor oil coking.

1, metal ions,

in the process of the functioning of the air compressor, the interrelationship between the friction is easy to produce scrap metal, the metal scrap is pretty and a catalyst, to speed up some hydrocarbons in lubricating oil of polymer chemistry. And these metal ions will jam the oil system of air compressor, oil coking;

2, oxidation,

air compressor in the lubricating oil temperature is higher, generally in the lubricating oil is easy to occur under high temperature oxidation reaction, in the long run, it is easy to generate some aggregation sediment, causing coking of lubricating oil, and the oxygen content is higher, oil oxidation reaction would be more severe, the service life of the lubricating oil will be more and more short.

3, moisture effect

the moisture in the air into the air compressor internal contact with lubricating oil, will lead to oil emulsification, form white floc. Be emulsified oil is more prone to cause air compressor in the hydrolysis reaction of rust, the iron will further leads to the formation of a lubricating oil coking.

4, the old oil influence

air compressor lubricating oil, lubricating oil must be used matching two different lubricating oil cannot be mixed use, because different manufacturers make use of lubricating oil additives, between the two oil blending of different additives may react. And the old oil may also cause metamorphism, new lubricating oil to produce coking.
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