Why the air compressor oil seal oil, today finally understand

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
National Day, seven days you must have had a blast, but in the fun at the same time, also want some attention to travel security issues. Air compressor industry, at the same time of machine brings a lot of benefits for the factory, also want to pay attention to some problems to the machine, and in a timely manner to solve.

run oil, for example, today for everyone related. Air compressor to run oil has always been a problem need to be aware of, in the process of actual contact with the machine, found that different machines, there are oil leakage may occur. Now many factories use is screw air compressor, thought after replacing old piston machine can rest easy, but in the use of the machine after a period of time, some users will find machine belt there is a little oil leak, this is the machine oil seal leak happened.

the problem but can small oil seal leakage, and light parts damaged, heavy machine downtime cause production crisis, moreover has pollution to the surrounding circumstance, will cause the environmental protection department of huge fines.

in the face of these severe consequences, need to face up to now, I as an employee of xiamen ou can best, nature also can't stay, here from xiamen GeLinKeEr measure manager collect some knowledge related to the oil seal leakage, and to share here:

( 1) Machine running environment has a lot of grain impurity, these particles after contact with the oil seal, cause the pollution to oil seal, caused the high wear and tear;

( 2) The host in the process of compressed air and the considerable friction between belt and oil seal, the overall balance can not be guaranteed, oil seal wear caused by rising, thus the oil;

( 3) Maintenance or repair, because in the process of demolition of the nose or replace oil seal, improper operation, lead to oil seal leakage;

( 4) Under the condition of high temperature lubricating oil and formed a large amounts of carbon deposition, using industry like GeLinKeEr specified carbon cleaning agent can be solved.

the user at the time of have a problem, don't feel trouble or fear. Most of the questions are justified, as long as find the solution, seemingly difficult problem again, can be readily solved.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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