Why the screw air compressor maintenance, maintenance of how much is the price?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Generally new screw air compressor
use for a period of time be a routine maintenance, maintenance is divided into small maintenance and maintenance, small maintenance need to replace the air compressor oil and oil filter, screw air compressor maintenance price is according to the brand of air compressor and air compressor size to order, different brand, different power of the air compressor maintenance price is different. As for why the maintenance? Air compressor maintenance is actually in order to let the machine can run better in the state. Like car maintenance, maintenance of good, the machine will greatly reduce failure rate, both are often saves maintenance of time-consuming, can also extend the service life of air compressor. So air compressor maintenance work must do at ordinary times, don't loathe to give up the maintenance money, otherwise, the host carbon biting this fault, it will take big cost.

is usually in the new 500 operating hours for replacement; Big maintenance, in addition to the replacement of the two, to replace the air compressor air filter and oil and gas separator core, motor grease, etc. , the maintenance is 3000 hours for the running of the machine, depending on the working environment, the environment is very dirty, like a lot of dust, would be appropriate to shorten the time. The screw air compressor maintenance a what about the price, need how many money? To answer this question, depends on what you buy is brand, how much cubic screw air compressor, machine is smaller, the lower the maintenance cost, on the other hand, the cost is big; Homebred brand screw air compressor maintenance costs relative to import brand air compressor, maintain the price also will benefit a lot. So, before you buy screw air compressor, it must understand the content, do it. Know fairly well, after all, the cost is the air compressor to run a few years, more than ten years, the proportion of big cost.
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