Winter GeLinKeEr air compressor maintenance steps

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
An ordinary air compressor, the follow-up maintenance cost is far higher than the cost of the machine itself. So after buying machine, in addition to the factory staff itself provides large maintenance regularly, the enterprises themselves how to appropriately maintenance steps this link is more important. Because enterprise equipment management personnel in contact with the gas supply equipment of time far in excess of the compressor supplier service time, because contact time is long, the enterprise internal staff for air compressor at ordinary times hidden dangers are some learn more and more.

and can convert it into an advantage, especially the enter & other; Hibernation & throughout; The fault period, users are more need to adjust the machine system inside and outside the orderly.

immediately to DRC - we are using 60 a machine as an example, to talk about the company some of the maintenance steps in winter.

( 1) The temperature decrease will make the oil viscosity rise considerably, so first need to open indoor heating, room temperature at least above zero degrees Celsius, open since then back to the way of electric system, for the lubricating oil flow operation;

( 2) When oil was found only since back electric way unable to solve the viscosity problem, need to special cleaning agent, so we choose is the original brand GeLinKeEr oil cleaning agent;

( 3) Open the vent and drain valve within the system itself, emissions of air supply all kinds of particles and excess water processing.

this step is applicable to most of the air compressor, in winter, the air compressor face a cold wave hit, will inevitably encounter all sorts of unexpected problems, so users need to learn from their own related maintenance skills, to the four seasons different climate can timely response to treatment.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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