Would you like to three years in a propane tanks, or a propane tanks in ten years?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Remember a few years ago, there was a customer complained to me, our air tank price a little expensive, can you be more cheaper, now they can't afford this price. Though I have repeatedly and his instructions, propane tanks this stuff, is a price a points goods, good horse matchs good saddle, good air compressor must match good propane tanks. Even though I have repeatedly declared my point of view to the customer, the customer finally bought other brands of propane tanks.

three years later, the same cry about a customer ran back to my side, and my great secrets: before buying a domestic propane tanks, for three years, in addition to the already wear to not like surface appearance, recently paired with air compressor efficiency is becoming more and more slowly, please after sales, after-sales said he will pay a lot of extra maintenance costs.

finish listen to the customer's crying, I was deeply touched. If early know today, why at the beginning, then can see clear, want to know, would not eat so much lost today.

it is difficult to make a product really, product want to have a foothold, will be especially in storage tanks in this industry, although the fame has big enough, but if there are customer recognition of our products, not think our price is too expensive, what for them is that our product is, so. We must use practical action to prove our product is not the nominal.

a lot of customers to use our air tank has ten years of time, since the surface looks close to spoil, wouldn't that well reflect the strength of the brand?

many clients will initially attracted to those cheap prices in the past, in their view, the same is done with, don't choose the, don't choose a cheap too? But over time they will regret for high mental arithmetic. At the same time, a lot of buy our gasholder customers at the same time, to now didn't appear any complaints.

I want to, smart client, are not in order to choose a cheap air tank, three years instead of ten years of good quality.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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