Wuhan under the outbreak: the most beautiful NiXingZhe

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The 2020 Spring Festival should be busy, but a sudden outbreak is like a storm, put out the lively atmosphere during the Spring Festival. The intruder is - - - - - - novel coronavirus At that time, every large pharmacy for full, everyone in view of the mask. Was busy shopping malls, streets, hotels, now empty.

however, there are a group of NiXingZhe and virus started the war of no gunpowder smoke. They are - - - - - - White angels. They disregard their own safety, to go to the epidemic area. They are our heart the most beautiful NiXingZhe, also is our hero. In this crisis, the national people's solidarity, local resources are shipped to wuhan.

in the war of no gunpowder smoke, academician zhong nanshan constantly remind people not to travel to wuhan, but he has risked his life to set foot on the train to wuhan. He led the team in clinical observation, understanding, and make a solution. Timing of the past, weak old man, rushed in front of epidemic prevention.

those who fight in a line & lsquo; Angels & rsquo; Day and night, they were wearing heavy protective clothing, in and outbreak of fighting. When they take off & lsquo; Shirt & rsquo; When they face and red marks; When they are tired, rest is on the corner. In addition to saving lives, they had to take care of every patient, they ignored the family's concern, but them & lsquo; Sacrifice was necessary for & rsquo; The spirit is worth people admire.

hope wuhan romance blossoms in April, it is not in town. As in previous years, thousands of people under the tree and looked at the cherry blossom, sakura looked at hundreds of millions of people in the tree.

wuhan come on! China refuels!

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