Xiamen oil-free compressed air compressor in the wake of guangdong union power resume work war 'disease'

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The current national epidemic situation grade product to the good situation are expanding, the economic and social development to promote recovery. Guangdong union product class action at all levels, with a strict control, product grade outbreak response; Combined with the actual, hand power to return to work production, GeLinKeEr followed by xiamen oil-free compressed air compressor power production.

GeLinKeEr xiamen oil-free compressed air compressor

since the epidemic basically stable, trade unions at all levels in guangdong province detailed measures, a solid worker return after the construction period of epidemic prevention and control work. The union purchase item goods to support the epidemic prevention and control, and guide enterprise and worker in to do a good job of health management premise to arrange production and living. Organization to check, to carry out the SARS prevention and control publicity, answer protection problem, assist in the streets, parks and enterprises to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, promote enterprise set his mind at to return to work rehabilitation. And GeLinKeEr oil-free compressed air compressor is to the best of its ability to provide compressed air required for the enterprise, to help enterprises and production, maintain the basic operation.

in the same boat, spend the difficulties. In the face of the sudden outbreak, guangdong many enterprise production and operation is affected. Guangdong union to help the enterprise to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the return to work and production. Whether the size of the booster is trying to help the rehabilitation of the enterprise, for GeLinKeEr xiamen oil free compressor, although it is based on the premise of the interests of the company, but in front of the outbreak is not back, have the courage to fight disease. Want to know more about xiamen GeLinKeEr oil-free compressed air compressor for details, please contact phone number:, this article from the xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technology co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source.
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