Xiamen oil free compressor parameters calibration steps cannot little, especially in front of the boot operation

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Outbreak period, many users have bought xiamen oil-free air compressor, that in the absence of oil machine, must carry on the adjustment of parameters before starting, what are the steps is to pay attention to?

xiamen oil free compressor

about xiamen oil free compressor parameters before starting the calibration is mainly divided into several points. One is about coupling correction: such as air compressor is coupling transmission, installed after the white background plate moving motor and the balance when the host and view the coupling rotation. Air compressor coupling with elastic coupling, basic balance when deviation is negligible. 2 it is host to correction: as in the process of air compressor maintenance dismantled before the main power supply, power supply back after should pay attention to the positive &negative motor, steering motor should be according to the turning of the host, the correct air compressor host to see the icon labeled on the host. Of arbitrary two correction methods: exchange of three-phase electric power cord. Three is unit internal pressure correction: the unit internal pressure should be 0. 2 to 0. Between 45 mpa. Fourth, loading, unloading, proportion value correction: set the three parameters, should first determine unloading value, unloading value should be according to the rated pressure of the air compressor and gas combined with determining the required pressure, make sure good after unloading value, then setting load value, the pressure difference should be 0. 1 to 0. Between 2 mpa, set up after unloading and loading values of air compressor, and then set the proportion value, ratio value should be located in the unloading and loading value, five is the high temperature protection value effect is: screw air compressor normal work, its temperature should be between 65 ~ 98 ℃. High temperature protection of automatic stop temperature shall not exceed 105 ℃.

above is xiamen oil free air compressor to notice before the run. About the above points, if have not understand can contact us directly GeLinKeEr engineer. If you want to know more about xiamen oil free air compressor for details you can directly contact GeLinKeEr manufacturers.
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