Xiamen oil-free screw air compressor and screw what's the difference?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Xiamen oil-free screw air compressor and screw air compressor what is the difference? Oil-free screw air compressor and screw air compressor are using screw working principle, and the difference between see below.

xiamen oil-free screw compressor

xiamen oil-free screw compressor can be compressed oil-free compressed air, compressed air and screw air compressor oil content is big, this is a remarkable difference between them. Because of the screw air compressor to spray the oil, use of lubricating oil lubrication and cooling, compressed air; Compression process and no oil screw air compressor without oil, can be compressed, air does not contact with oil, so it can provide clean and oil free compressed air. Although less the cost of daily lubricating oil, lubricating oil cooling, less material is needed for the screw should be high temperature resistant, high cost and general screw air compressor. Applicable industries such as medical, precision electronics, food, painting, etc. , is to meet the industry demand for high quality compressed air.

and looked at the xiamen oil-free screw air compressor and screw air compressor have what distinction, if your industry process of compressed air to oil content requirements, such as GeLinKeEr can find manufacturers, oil-free screw compressor with Germany imported oil double screw host, with international ISO certification no oil, guarantee to provide clean and oil-free compressed air, improve your production process. Can call GeLinKeEr.
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