Xiamen oil without oil lubrication compressor really?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Believe that a lot of users have doubt, xiamen without oil lubrication compressor without oil really? How to do it? About this problem, this paper is to answer for you.

xiamen without oil lubrication compressor

xiamen no grease lubrication oil-free air compressor really can do it. This is has passed the certification of Germany without oil. On this point, the user can be at ease completely! No oil lubrication compressor is of no use of lubricating oil, the whole operation system of the compressed air pipe is stainless steel, and it is by water lubrication, no oil, ensure that the whole of the compressed air clean and no pollution. So the compressed air is completely without oil, to meet the medical treatment, food, beverage and other industries the demand for clean air.
that is why xiamen without oil lubrication compressor oil why, at the same time is also the reason for the choice of the user. If you would like more water lubricated air compressor details, please contact ms: ( WeChat with Numbers)
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