Xiamen screw air compressor oil change?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor, new 500 h operation in xiamen, lubricating oil or lubricant to replace cycle such as carbon black, the water should be timely change of lubricating oil. Specific as follows:

xiamen screw air compressor
1, xiamen screw air compressor shut down, close the door, take measures don't let the pressure relief valve, in order to make the system to maintain a certain pressure, discharge of oil.

2, emission of lubricating oil should be immediately after the air compressor stop, this makes of particles suspended in the oil as lubricating oil into the closed together.

3, row tubing is connected, open the ball valve, discharge oil into waste oil collection barrels.

4, for the pipe line, remaining oil within the condenser, the host should also remove the connected piping, emission and cleaning.

5, close the oil discharge ball valve, open the cover, oil filled with new oil, until the oil mark online location; Due to the system in practical work in oil storage oil all net, so come on when the oil level can be added to the oil mark line above, but should pay attention not to oil too much, otherwise extra oil will be taken away by air; Cover oil on the cover, and pay attention to whether o-rings in the right place.

6 should be at the same time, replace the oil filter, oil change, replacing oil filter in the new oil filter on the rubber seal of coated with a layer of oil, tighten.

7, boot, check the oil level after running, if the oil level is low, appropriate to add some oil.

for xiamen screw air compressor oil change there is a process, but also for the choice of the lubricating oil has noted, recommend the use of the original, it can prolong the service life of air compressor and air compressor to reduce unnecessary failure!
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