Xiamen screw air compressor which included minor repairs?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Xiamen screw air compressor of minor repairs, repair and overhaul only about the distinction between, no boundaries, and each unit using the specific situation is different, so different division. General repairs is away in addition to the content of the compressor of individual defects and replacement of individual parts, including:

xiamen screw air compressor

1, xiamen screw air compressor inlet check rotor carbon;

2, check the inlet valve servo cylinder diaphragm;

3, check and tighten all the parts, screws;

4, clean up the air filter;

5, in addition to the air compressor and pipeline leakage, oil leakage;

6, cleaning condenser, replace defective valves;

7, check the security valve and pressure gauge, etc.

that is xiamen minor repair need to replace the small screw air compressor parts, if there are omissions or you have different opinion can communicate with our service!
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