Yield and income is out?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
This year's good the performance of air compressor, especially in the first half of the orders than capacity, a lot of air compressor factory continuously expand production capacity, working overtime, still can't keep up with the goods time requirements. Into the second half of the order of hot continuous transformation, many air compressor factory although increased the personnel, equipment and parts of reserves, but there are still preparing the goods you don't, the goods you didn't need to prepare for a good working condition. This way, the price of raw materials and parts suppliers notice personnel costs rising. Accounts receivable is the more pressure there. While it is not until the end of the year, many factory owners in the early slightly calculate air compressor's harvest this year, but seems overcharged 35 pipe.

we most air compressor factory are weather, is no long-term planning and forecasting. From the end of the second half of last year, just smelled the smell of good harvest. But in the first dazed by the sudden order to hit, hard to find workers will recruit, working overtime is the norm, try very hard to increase the inventory. Only to find that the order of hot continuous transformation, don't prepared, want not. Staggered delivery, prodded by the customer has brought endless questions, so the sales and service are trapped in the fire. Manufacturers increasing contradictions. Life flows become nervous. At this point, the supplier is cattle than normal, expediting, out of stock, not in time, your delivery is ungrateful enough, the most sad thing: with the rise in price notice finally when you are more afraid of the coming.

calculate the cost carefully, space, human, capital, raw materials and sales and service costs, such as 10 to 30% more than last year. Whether the profit and sales growth increased more than the cost? Probably many bosses don't calculate, dare not to calculate! Look at the domestic air compressor center daily news listed companies: the largest air compressor company takes shares: operating income rose 49. 77%; Operating profit fell 17. 02%; The total profit year-on-year decline in the 21st. 35%. Han zhong jing machine: operating income rose 28. 34%; Net profit rose 2. 7%. Kiel, operating income rose to 123 shares. 51%; Net profit year-on-year growth in 185. 60%; But by the third quarter report: in the first three quarters of net profit year-on-year growth becomes: 120% 140%. All of these are regular production management system.

but most of our air compressor factory most of them are created from the retailer and the congenital absence of factory production and management of a course, still stays in crude production to extensive production in this stage, in the light of the central policy, although escaped the 08 global financial storm, the low cost under the environment of strong growth. But the raw materials of economic law is the inevitable cyclical rise and inflation has already started, and will continue for several years. Earn higher than fast phenomenon will speed up the process. If the factory have no qualitative change in management. This round of shuffling may be on the stand.

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