You do not know the screw air compressor inverter maintenance method

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As is known to all, screw air compressor is divided into screw air compressor and permanent magnet power frequency inverter screw air compressor. These two works have certain difference, screw air compressor of the inverter is an important symbol of distinction. In the everyday use of frequency converter, due to reasons such as poor management, may lead to frequency converter fault and trigger the alarm mechanism, cause the tripping phenomenon. This phenomenon may be due to the current and voltage damage caused by overload or converter component itself. Whatever the damage, the user should learn to cope with this kind of frequency converter fault in time. This paper summarizes several common maintenance air compressor inverter method. Believe that it is difficult to see them in peacetime.

1. According to the alarm parameters of air compressor frequency converter, first disconnect the power of the system, and check the power supply, determine the scope of the fault.
2。 If you have the same spare parts of the circuit board, understanding of the principle of user can compare two circuit boards, narrowing the scope of air compressor frequency converter fault.
3, directly observed with the naked eye, but this kind of method for ordinary people is a waste of time;
4。 The rise of temperature of the converter key components and temperature drop.
5. With the insulator one by one to the inverter struck the solder joints;
6。 With water or alcohol to clean air compressor frequency converter, and then use drying equipment.
7, reduce the frequency converter fault range from the circuit principle.
if screw air compressor frequency converter need maintenance, users need to understand the basic maintenance methods, these methods can help during routine maintenance. If the user does not understand the problem in the operation process, can come to Chloe, she in jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai and even China enjoys a high reputation.
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