You don't know the screw air compressor oil change process

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In the use of screw air compressor
in the process, we should change the screw air compressor oil? How to change? Be a bit confused, ask manufacturer, will only give a guide operation. Well, especially, how to
screw air compressor oil change. We can know about the next.

steps are as follows:
step 1: guide to room temperature for 1 hour, then close;
step 2: from the fuel tank, condenser, and all the clean up the oil filter.
step 3: add the new change of oil to the required for the operation of small amount of oil;
the fourth step: start to run for 1 hour at room temperature ( Every 15 minutes, once the exhaust valve) And then close;
step 5: removed from the condenser, oil tank and all filter oil;
the sixth step: will the new replacement oil added to the half of the volume, and then continue to step 4, shut down. 。
step 7: the oil on the screw air compressor machine, including condenser, oil tank and filter. 。 If necessary, remove pipe to clean up the low oil. Clean the filter, all change separator and oil filter. Check whether import filter is covered by oil pollution, and take into consideration the change;
step 8: increase the need to replace the oil, in order to achieve required for the operation of small amount of oil;
step 9: up and running for 15 minutes at room temperature.
step 10: turn off the machine, remove the oil from the machine. Empty filter and filter, but I don't need to be replaced;
the tenth step: add your oil to the normal oil level;
step 12: reboot and pay attention to oil level. When the machine is running, observation window,
there will be about 1 x 2 oil;
in three steps: 10 in the screw air compressor is shut off within 2 minutes after the bubble to spread to the oil level, and there is no oil flow out of the drain valve.
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