You have to know! Screw air compressor host the cause of the water and solution!

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In order to avoid the expensive department screw air compressor host production loss caused by the rust, the following about the screw air compressor host the cause of the water and the solution you have to know!

screw air compressor host water

is the first of screw air compressor host what are the main causes of the water? It is believe that used air conditioning friends all know that air conditioning is a drain. In general air conditioning can discharge 20 - in one evening 25 litres of water, these are the atmospheric moisture condenses in the air conditioning. 2 it is screw air compressor at runtime, the compressed air is also contains the condensed water from the atmosphere, in continuous operation of the machine, the oil temperature is gradually increased to 80 ℃, the condensed water in the oil begins to evaporate, moisture with compressed air discharge to the storage tanks; Three is due to the selection of gas user or class hours, screw air compressor running low loading rate of serious, leading to the screw air compressor oil temperature reach above 80 ℃ C for a long time, the oil getting old, results in a rotor rust stuck in the host.

screw air compressor

solutions: one is the appropriate extension of the air compressor discharge time, human will oil temperature is up to more than 85 ℃; Secondly, the air compressor machine before and after use, should fully learn student user gas. One week after the new client installed to do review, check the customer's actual utilization situation, the status of oil, this is very important; Three is less in the gas under the condition of screw machine downtime 杄 authority on a regular basis after 6 hours put in barrels of oil and gas condensate drain, to stop until you see the oil outflow. ( How long does it take to discharge using screw machine environment decision) ; Four is particularly low gas consumption users, adjust the cooling fan is connected to temperature, frequency converter, the appropriate high-frequency logoff, fan start-stop thermostat to 85 - 95 degrees. Five is normal weekly put a barrel of oil and gas in water, the rainy season or damp environment every morning put a barrel of oil and gas in water, water method - — Morning opened before starting the barrels of oil and gas oil drain valve to have a small amount of lubricating oil outflow, close the valve.

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that is why screw air compressor host water and solution. Each air compressor users want attention, questions about the screw host rust, for production, the efficiency of influence is very big. If you want to learn more and screw air compressor related details, please contact: ( Ms)
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