Zhong about the temperature or make use of outbreaks, GeLinKeEr talk about the importance of air compressor production melt-blown cloth

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As the northern hemisphere gradually into the summer, the temperature also gradually increase, the outbreak of the influential? How do you say to see academician zhong nanshan. At the same time also have a look at our GeLinKeEr air compressor manufacturers on the market now melt-blown cloth.

melt-blown fabric air compressor

now the temperature influence on the development of the epidemic has become the main points of the research. 28, zhong academician of the temperature influence on the outbreak, said: the temperature rise of disease spread has certain inhibition produced with poison. But this is not absolutely right. Relative to the temperature influence on the outbreak, we GeLinKeEr air compressor is more focused on the outbreak of melt-blown cloth market hot, as melt-blown fabric under the demand to promote melt-blown fabric air compressor, we whether to speed up manufacturing, the answer is yes. The demand is the answer.

academician zhong nanshan, though the temperature rise is has made of suppression to the epidemic, but not absolutely for sex, so still have to do a good job in the prevention and control measures. About melt-blown cloth to the problem of the lack of air compressor, also want to step up production, in order to avoid shortage, lead to supplies of epidemic situation. Want to know more about GeLinKeEr melt-blown fabric air compressor for details, please contact GeLinKeEr manufacturers.
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